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California Prop 65 Webinar:

"Clear and Reasonable Warning" Amendment Preparation

In this webinar, Source Intelligence, along with Wayne Rosenbaum of Environmental Law Group, LLP, break down the amendment to Prop 65 and go over business strategies for compliance.


What do we cover?

  • Pre/post amendment regulation overview
  • Labeling Variations
    • Internet labeling, on-product labeling, packaging labeling, occupational labeling, public facility labeling and more unique situations.
  • Bounty Hunter safeguarding best practices
  • 60 day warning notice course of action overview
  • Supply chain communication chain of custody
    • Critical product information that needs to be passed through the supply chain
  • Product chemical awareness
  • Evidence-based data collection approach
    • Declarations vs. product analytics
  • Enterprise vs. SME compliance workflow examples


Who's featured on this webinar?

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Zephen Specht

Director of Compliance Product Research

Source Intelligence

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Wayne Rosenbaum


Environmental Law Group, LLP

Untitled design (16)Jay Saling

Manager of Marketing and Business Development

Source Intelligence

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