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California Proposition 65:

What we've seen in 2019, notices of violations, modifications, specialized warnings, label revisions and regulatory updates.



What do we cover?

  • California Prop 65 highlights in 2019
    • Bounty hunting
    • Settlement trends
  • Special labeling scenarios - will short form warnings evolve?
  • Failure to label vs. labeling for safety - how should you approach risk?
  • Transfer of liability throughout the supply chain - the role of manufacturers and distributors requirements
  • Regulatory regimes - evolution of chemical regulations
    • New York consumer right to know 
    • Sector-specific chemical regulations
    • Bundling supplier engagement and product information gathering


Who's featured on this webinar?


Jennifer Kraus

Chief Scientific Officer, VP of Operations

Source Intelligence

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Wayne Rosenbaum


Environmental Law Group, LLP

Jay Saling Profile

Jay Saling

Senior Manager, Business Development

Source Intelligence

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