Conflict Minerals Reporting

Complimentary Conflict Minerals Program Assessment

This is for you if you are just getting started or need to improve your conflict minerals program. 

Discover industry best practices for conflict minerals management in just 15 minutes.

Topics we will cover:

  • Best practices from others like you tasked with conflict minerals management 
  • Whether internal vs. external management will be the best solution for your needs
  • Data collection and aggregation methods
  • Supplier risk ranking needs

Here's what we will talk about:

  • Are your customers asking about conflict minerals data? Or do you have to report to the SEC for Dodd-Frank 1502 compliance? Or both?
  • Are you just getting started? (Don't worry - many companies are in this boat.) Or how are you currently managing your responsible minerals sourcing program?
  • What are your priorities? Compliance, brand protection, stakeholder demands... 
  • Are you looking to comply with more than one regulation or standard?
  • How many suppliers and products are in-scope?
  • How soon do you need conflict minerals data?


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Our insights span across the conflict minerals spectrum. We continue to work with both the trailblazers that freely shout out their progress to be conflict-free and the steadfast that approach conflict minerals purely as a risk mitigation exercise.

Wherever you are going, we can walk you through best steps to getting there.


The commitment we are seeing both within and outside our network of global customers to “do the right thing” whether or not there is a regulatory driver is invigorating.

Jennifer Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer, EVP Operations