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European Union Conflict Minerals

Compliance Guide:

After years of negotiations between the EU Commission, EU Parliament, & the EU Council, and pressure from NGO’s and special interest groups, the European Union agreed on legislation to regulate the usage of conflict minerals (3TG) in their member states. The law will apply to importers of 3TG into the EU, will require action from all parties in the supply chain, and will be implemented in January, 2021. 

This guide will give you an overview of the current regulatory requirements and help you develop your compliance process.

What do we cover?

  • EU Conflict Minerals regulation overview
  • US conflict minerals law vs. EU conflict minerals law
  • What companies will be responsible for reporting on conflict minerals?
  • What other minerals beyond 3TG will be included in the EU conflict minerals regulation?
  • Compliance Strategy
    • What documents are required
    • How to engage suppliers
    • How to analyze data
    • How to keep product data up to date
  • Reporting requirements for all members of the supply chain:

Compliance Guide Preview

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