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The Complete 2019 RoHS Regulation Guide:

The Source Intelligence regulatory team bring you the recent publication, "The Complete 2019 RoHS Regulation Guide." this complimentary eBook is a quick, yet comprehensive guide to the RoHS regulation and covers reporting responsibilities for all members of the supply chain.

What do we cover?

  • RoHS regulation overview
  • What are the penalties for non-compliance?
  • RoHS 1, RoHS 2, RoHS 3, what's the difference and what do you need to report on in 2019?
  • What will be included in RoHS 4?
  • Compliance Strategy
    • What documents to look for  
    • How to engage suppliers
    • How to analyze data
    • How to keep product data up to date
  • Reporting requirements for all members of the supply chain:
    • Original equipement manufacturers.
    • Component manufacturers and distributors
    • Distributors
    • End retailers


What's inside? Here's a sneak preview

Strategies to Ensure Compliance

Screenshot 2019-06-17 11.17.03

RoHS 1, RoHS 2, RoHS 3 and Beyond

Screenshot 2019-06-17 11.19.07

Enterprise Compliance Approach

Screenshot 2019-06-17 12.20.41